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In the beginning
In 1994 Pamela Fredrickson, Founder and CEO of Naughty Biscotti was working at a high tech company in Santa Clara, California. While she loved her job, she always yearned for something more. Something that would allow her to express more of her creative side. One day while standing in line at a popular coffee house with a friend, she took notice of the jars full of Biscotti. Within a split second, an idea revealed itself. Pamela thought, there’s ice-cream and Ben & Jerry’s came to mind, there’s jelly beans and then there’s Jelly Belly’s but when she thought of Biscotti, no ultimate form of itself came to mind. No over the top, absolutely decadent, sinfully, delicious biscotti at all. Did such a thing exist? She thought to herself.

The Passion
Pamela loved to bake. As a little girl, she was the proud owner of the beloved Suzy Home maker Bake Oven. She remembers having Bake Sales on Saturday mornings in her front yard. She loved seeing people enjoy her baked goods. So it was only natural that baking biscotti would become a possible consideration.

The Creation of Naughty Biscotti
Over the next several months, Pamela would spend countless hours developing her own recipes and techniques for making biscotti. She knew that to achieve the ultimate baked confections she had in mind, only the highest quality ingredients could be used. She toured chocolate manufacturers while searching for the best chocolates. She would also learn the art of tempering chocolate. She finally came up with her first recipe and tested her baked confections on family and friends. She brought them to work, sharing them with her co-workers They loved them so much they asked if they could place orders. So she began selling them out of her desk drawer under the name Naughty Biscotti. She called them ‘Naughty’ because of all of the ‘Naughty Stuff’ fruits, nuts and chocolates) in them and on them. She continued to develop additional recipes and adding them to her offerings. With the sales of the biscotti rising, it was a given that Pamela had in fact created a new breed of biscotti that would be warmly welcomed by others.

The Dream becomes a reality
As the biscotti sales from family and friends took on a life all their own, Pamela found it necessary to rent space at a local kitchen co-op, baking after work, at night and on the weekends. With her family’s full support, she was determined to make a go of it. In early 1997 her parents made an investment, setting her up with her first kitchen. Soon after, she courageously quit her ‘day job’ and launched Naughty Biscotti full-time. Today, Naughty Biscotti can be found in most specialty foods markets in Northern California and throughout the United States.

Yours truly,

Pamela Fredrickson
Naughty Biscotti, Inc.


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