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Peppermint Twist

A great idea for gift giving, sharing or indulging all by yourself, our colorful 8oz. gift boxes were especially designed to reflect the decadence and quality of the products inside. Each whimsical gift box contains 10~12 individually wrapped 3" gourmet biscotti.

Make your choices from the list below and let your taste buds have a party!

Peppermint Twist Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
A rich chocolate biscotti infused with natural peppermint then dipped in a creamy peppermint confection and topped with crushed candy cane pieces. Approx. 8 ~ 10 pieces per box. 

Pumpkin Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
A sweet, crunchy biscotti made with real pumpkin, pecans and a perfect blend of your favorite holiday spices - then hand-dipped in a creamy vanilla confection! Approx. 8 ~ 10 pieces per box. 

Sweet Ginger Ice Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
Sweet Ginger Ice is a sweet, sassy, Ginger~Hot biscotti dipped in a creamy vanilla confection. Approx. 10 ~ 12 pieces per box. 

SnickerDoodle Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
A Sweet Crunchy Biscotti with a Hint of Cinnamon Drenched with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla then given a Dusting of Cinnamon and Sugar. Approx. 10 ~ 12 pieces per box. 

Lemon Squeeze Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
Lemon Squeeze is a crunchy rich naturally flavored lemon biscotti with toasted almond pieces and hand-dipped in a creamy lemon confection. Approx. 10 ~ 12 pieces per box. 

MacaManiac Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
MacaManiac is a rich crunchy chocolate biscotti packed with semi-sweet chocolate chips and macadamia nuts then hand-dipped in a premium bittersweet chocolate. Approx. 10 ~ 12 pieces per box. 

Pistachi 'O' Cranberry Biscotti 8oz Gift Box
Pistachi'O' Cranberry is a A rich flavorful biscotti packed with sweet dried cranberries, pistachio nuts and toppped with a dusting of sugar. Approx. 10 ~ 12 pieces per box. 


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